What is Wordle? and How to Play Wordle Game?

Wordle is a web-based word-guessing game. There’s no application to download you just need to visit this site and begin playing. 


The NYTimes Wordle offers you the chance to guess the five letters of a word. Each day, the website will be updated to include a brand new word. The word is identical for all players worldwide.

How do you Play Wordle?

Every day, you get six attempts to determine the word. Begin by entering a five-letter word into the spaces that are provided. 

  • If the letter you’ve selected is correct and placed in the right place the tile will turn green. 
  • If the letter you’ve selected is in the word, but in the wrong location, it will become yellow. 
  • If a letter isn’t within the word at any location, then it will become grey. 

After you’ve either guessed the word or exhausted the number of times you tried, you have the option to share your answer and look up the statistics on the current day. 

What is it that makes Wordle so well-known? 

It’s hard to know the reason why something goes viral but, some elements make Wordle so captivating. 

It’s first, easy to share your findings and this has helped make Wordle popular on Twitter very quickly. 

You can also start simply by visiting a site No sign-ups are required and there’s no need to download. 

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The game strikes a perfect balance between being easy to grasp, and challenging enough to pose challenging enough to be. 

Finally, it’s a collaborative experience. This means that all players from different nations can post their results and the other Wordle users will be able to see what’s happening. 

Where did Wordle get its name? 

Wordle was invented through Josh Wardle, and yes it’s a play on his name. Before that, he was a software engineer for Reddit You may be familiar with some of his earlier creations like the social experiment with a collaborative name known as Place which began on April fool’s Day in 2017. 

According to an article in the New York Times Wordle, Josh Wardle originally developed Wordle for his friend, Palak Shah, so they could spend time playing with each other during the outbreak. He then introduced the game to members of a group of his family WhatsApp Group and then revealed the game to the world in October 2021. 

Wardle credits a large part of the game’s success to the daily style of play which keeps players wanting more and not getting burned out by the idea. 

Following its huge success it was bought from The New York Times for seven figures. It is now integrated into other puzzles. You can create an account to watch your statistics over time. 

What exactly is Wordle’s function? How do you do Wordle? 

It’s like this: When you go to NYT Wordle’s website you’re presented with a grid that measures 5 wide by 6 long of empty white boxes. Each box can hold one letter, so you’re able to guess the answer by typing the five letters of a word, and then pressing Enter. 

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There are no clues on the front, so any five-letter word is an acceptable initial guess. This is where the game is played out. Wordle begins. If you make a bet with a friend the lines of each box of letters changes. 

  • If it’s green, it’s a letter part of the daily word and you’ve put it in the correct place. 
  • If it changes color, the word is part of the word, but you are in the wrong spot. 
  • If the box becomes gray, it indicates that the letter isn’t part of the word.