How to Screen Record on iPhone

iPhones are unique in their approach and enjoy brand loyalty because it offers users the convenience of having simpler lives. IOS provides an inbuilt screen recording feature to users on modern versions of the iPhone.Screen recorders on the iPhone can capture and share epic wins from your games and great moments from your family videos or funny conversations with your friends. Today in this article, we will explore every detail regarding how to screen record on iPhone. 

All iPhones built after iPhone 8 and operating on iOS14 or greater come with an official screen recorder. Screen recording is an integrated feature in iOS, and you don’t have to install any third-party apps. The built-in recorder comes with numerous functions in which you can take a recording of your smartphone screen activity and save it in the Photos tab on your device.

What is Screen Recording?

Suppose you’re playing a video game and want to record it or show off some cool things, then it is just a click away in the latest iPhone versions. Screen recording is included in iPhones; however, to make use of it, first, you must check whether the screen recording button is present in the Control Center or not. Most people aren’t aware they can officially take advantage of the screen recording function in the latest versions. That is why today, we will also tell you about the best third-party app for iPhone screen recording.

You can record your screen activity with your iPhone, but not all are permitted for security purposes. Due to copyright and security issues, certain actions, features, or apps do not support screen recording.

Even in post-pandemic times, there is a way to capture a screen on iPhones to help make remote work easier and more efficient through the click of one button.

Uses of Screen Recording – Is it a lifesaver?

When you’ve got a screen recording clip, you can share it on social media, email, AirDrop, text, and more. You can email the video clip you have recorded to a friend or relative, upload it to Twitter, or as your Instagram story. 

Here are a few reasons that learning to capture your iPhone screen can change your way of doing things. Screen Recorder on iPhone helps to communicate fast in an emergency. It is the easiest method to create the tutorial, show events in real-time, and complete a task at a moment’s notice.

There are many reasons you may wish to make screen records. This article will demonstrate how to screen record on iPhone 11, iPhone12, iPhone XR, and screen recording using third-party apps.

How to screen record on iPhone 11?

Start the application or video you wish to record and swipe to open “Control Center” in the setting tabs. Go to the Control Center menu in iPhone 8 or earlier versions or swipe down to open this menu by tapping on the upper-right edge in iPhone versions later than iPhone X.

  • Select “Control Center,” and Scroll downwards to click the “+” symbol on the right side of the screen. 
  • Then, swipe upwards from the lower part of the screen and press the “Screen recording button.” It appears like a huge circle that changes color between red and white while recording.
  • Click the “Microphone Audio” button to record audio in your recording and press “Start Broadcast” when you want to begin recording.
  •  On pressing the Screen Record icon, a timer will last three seconds before your device begins to record.
  • A red bar appears continuously to indicate recording on the corner of the screen.
  • If you wish to end the recording, go to the end of the screen and press the Stop Screen Recording Tab, and touch “Stop.”
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The system will save the recording with a text message: “Screen recorded video saved into Photos,” you can view the video in your “Photos app.”

How can you add audio to your Screen Recording on your iPhone?

If you’d like to narrate your video, you need to start the Control Center. You can also add your voice during screen recording to narrate videos. 

The Control Center will show a pop-up window. 

Click to activate the “Microphone icon” to activate the feature. When you reach this feature, click the Microphone Audio icon, the Microphone button will automatically turn red.

Suppose you don’t have an open media window. There’s an orange bar at the highest point of your screen if you watch a Youtube video or movie.

 If you tap on that bar, you’ll see a window asking whether you’d like to end the recording; if you wish to do so, just Press “Stop.”

After you’ve recorded your smartphone’s screen, your video will be saved by default in the “Camera Roll” application, which could be modified, edited, and transferred for any purpose.

How to screen record on iPhone 12?

If you’d like to screen record on your iPhone 12, you need to enable the screen recording function into your Control Centre settings. In the case of iPhone 12 screen recordings, Apple provides two choices:

1.Screen Record with audio on iPhone 12

There are times where you have to guide an individual through a tutorial and require your microphone, or for any similar cause, you will need audio for sure at some point in time. 

These are steps to do it:

  • Swipe to the right side to access the Control Center
  • Tab the “Screen Recorder” icon, and turn it off
  • Press the “Microphone Off” button. 
  • Then, tap on “Start Recording” to begin screen recording with audio.

2. Screen record without audio on iPhone 12

Sometimes, you need a video without audio which is also the default setting on iPhone 12. To accomplish this, you’ll follow the steps below:-

  • From the top, swipe to the right side to open the Control Center
  • Tap the “screen recorder” icon
  • Following a 3-second countdown timer, the screen recording will begin with a red button on the corner.
  • When you wish to end, tap the button on the left-hand side of your screen and press “stop.”

How to get a screen record on iPhone with Your Computer?

It is simple with the help of a cable, and Mac users conveniently enjoy getting screen records on the iPhone with Computer. 

  • You need to connect your tablet or phone with the MacBook or iMac.
  • Then you need to start QTP on your Mac.
  • Open File>>Select File >> create Video Recording from the menu.
  • Toggle the webcam screen recording button to capture your screen on your smartphone. Click on the icon to accomplish that, tab in front of the recording button, and select the device you want to record.
  • Choose your music source and press the record button. In the same way, press the “stop” button to close the recording.
  • Go into the QuickTime Player menu, press “File,” and click Save.
  • You can also record the Mac screen to save screen recordings immediately. 
  • Screen recorded footage will be saved instantly; you can work on the Computer’s memory to see recorded footage.
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How to Screen Record on iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR’s built-in Screen Recorder always proves useful while capturing a video with sound. Users can also save it in a video format and send it to YouTube or social networks. Recording the screen of your Apple iPhone XR in a video with sound can be exceptionally useful for certain tasks. To make this recording in your Apple iPhone XR, follow these steps:-

Step1: At the beginning, we should confirm whether control screen recording is activated in our iPhone XR or not.

Note:  If it is there, then we can skip point 5. Else to enable the screen recorder, you need to open the “Settings” of your iPhone XR.

Step2: Find the “Control Center” section, click on it, and move to “Customize Controls.”

Step3: If assumed to be already enabled, it will display control settings in the list of “Included Controls.” If it is not enabled, scroll down to “More Controls” and click on the green button and Tab to Screen Recorder.

Step4: Assuming that activated control doesn’t appear, we go to the bottom of the screen, search for the “MORE CONTROLS” section, and need to click on the green “+” button. 

Step5: To start the video, you need to swipe down from the upper right corner if you have iPhone X, an iPad with iOS 12, or iPadOS.Whereas, iPhone 7 and lower and iPad with iOS 11 or earlier just Swipe from the bottom up to initiate the recording.

Step6: Tab the recording icon on your Apple iPhone XR to record a video without a microphone. A 3-second countdown will start the recording. Press and hold the microphone button to activate and “Start recording.” 

Step7: To stop recording, open the center (Point number 5 of these steps), click on the line within the status bar, and press “Stop.”

Step8: At the top of your Apple iPhone XR screen, a message will appear that indicates that the video has been saved to the “Photos App.”

5 Best third party apps for Screen recording in iPhone  

With the built-in feature in the latest versions of the iPhone, Creating a screen recording has never been easier. In a couple of clicks, it will work like a charm. But, if you are doing a multitasking job, you need an extra push for your efforts. For that, you need third-party apps.

Live stream gameplay, App demos, or online tutorials, the iOS App Store has tons of screen recorder apps that can do the task of Screen Recording. However, we have selected the 5 best apps to screen record on iPhone. 

These apps can take your experience of screen recordings to the next level. All of them are free to use and are selected based on user reviews and popularity. We have selected the best screen recording apps you can download and find on the App Store.

1. Record It: Screen recorder with Facetime

“Record It” simultaneously allows you to exclusively record your audio and screen on iPhone. It allows viewers to ascertain your face with the screen while talking for videos on YouTube or Instagram. 

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You can add video reactions, audios, narrations, and annotations on old videos and recordings. Users can choose to record videos through your front camera to capture their reactions and record them for future use.

2. AirScr Screen Recorder: A recorder and editor app

AirScr is a popular app where the exceptional feature is its editing interface. This app gives you an additional video editor so that you can edit, add a reaction, combine using Facetime, record voice-overs, and control over your recordings in every possible way that you can imagine.

With AirScr, you can drop stickers to draw attention, talk to the camera, capture audio, edit videos, and record yourself.

It records videos like the Web Recorder App from various social platforms like YouTube or Instagram while you navigate those sites.

3.TechSmith Capture: Sync your screen recordings

It belongs to the Camtasia suite of video apps, and it has some remarkable features. An efficient library in the app is provided, and the File is saved there after you finish your recordings. Camtasia on your PC lets you share directly without any hustle.

 If you’re looking for something that gives its users an amazing experience, then look no further than TechSmith Capture.

It is one of the best apps for screen recording games with a full timeline editor to trim video or add filters. After you finish recording, you can upload it to Social media Platforms directly from the app. 

4. DU Recorder: Screen recording and live streaming app

Everyone loves DU Recorder’s screen capturing feature, which is also its strongest cause of popularity. Everything that DU Recorder does makes it impressive to have a full pack of editing tools. It allows live streaming for YouTube, Instagram lives, Twitch, or FB. 

You can select framework and size resolution, which is a remarkable feature in itself. The app has speed, a user-friendly interface, filters, and narration audio. It is strongly recommended to check out this app as it has many inbuilt functions.

5. Screen Recorder+: iPhone screen recording app

Screen Recorder+ has an incredible editor where you need to change the settings and adjust the standard. The app supports 2K and 4K resolutions for HD videos and sharper images.

The app has a huge set of tools for ideal screen recording, offering a variety of features to its users. You can select according to your needs, and all tools are almost free for testing with some very less-paid features.

We strongly recommend these apps as they all have millions of downloads and reviews in the App Store, and each offers a variety of features and tools. It is your choice to select any of them, download and use them according to your needs.

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Final words

Apple has made it easy to record your iPhone screen with inbuilt features, yet you can do so much more to your recordings with a third-party app. According to your needs and budget, you can choose how to add screen record on iPhone with any methods mentioned above in the article.
This article focuses on almost all the amazing features of screen recording in iPhones and provides a guide that explains how to screen record on iPhone correctly. Although screen recording with an iPhone is now a simple task, it’s still worth looking at other third-party apps and their features. Choose the technique that works best for you and fits your spending plan.