There are so many online streaming services in the market but Pluto TV is a free streaming service and offers thousands of TV shows and movies organized in a consistent manner. does not necessarily need signup to benefit from all its advantages; signup lets you personalize your experience.

You may be asking yourself several questions like, “What is Pluto TV?” “What can I see on this?” and “Is this legal?” Although it sometimes looks like a jailbroken application, which seems like an easy way to get threatening letters from your ISP, Pluto TV’s streaming service is 100% legal.

What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is great because it’s free and offers many features. Luckily, some of these features include using your smartphone as a remote and adding favorites. To use some extra cool features, you will require activating the Pluto TV account you’ve chosen to watch content on.

How to Activate Pluto TV?

You can download the the app from the Google Play Store for Android. For iPhone users, it is available on the App Store as well. Pluto TV is a free application and does not require any unique activation process to function correctly. However, you can create an account on the platform and register as a regular user.

Step 1. As an Android user, you need to download Pluto TV App from Play Store to your smartphone device. iPhone users can download the app from the App Store.

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Step 2. Now, open the application and click on the Settings menu located in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3. To fully activate, tap “Sign Up for free.”

Step 4. On the next page, enter your details. Credit card information is not required for the registration process, ensuring that you will not lose money.

Step 5. Once all the information is entered, tap on the “Signup” button. Your Pluto TV is now activated!

How to Activate Pluto TV on Smart Tv?

It’s really easy to activate Pluto TV. You just need to follow the steps below

  1. Open up your internet browser and go over to website
  2. Enter in a valid email address or Facebook account that you can use for logging into pluto TV’s service
  3. Create a password for your account. 
  4. Enter your desired payment method for Pluto Premium. If you’ve selected the free plan, you don’t need to enter your card details.  
  5. Click the Activate Pluto TV button.
  6. You’ll need to go through a one-time verification using your phone number. 
  7. Enter the OTP.
  8. Your pluto TV account is now active and fully functional. 
  9. Start watching your favorite show. 

Pluto TV Channels and Shows

There are two different kinds of shows on Pluto TV: live and on-demand.

Live Shows 

The live shows that you will find on Pluto TV include content from CBS, Comedy Central, The CW Network, Food Network, HGTV (Home & Garden Television), MTV Live HD, Nickelodeon, Spike, and VH1.

On-Demand Shows 

There are also on-demand shows that you can watch whenever you want. These include content from ABC, A&E Network (A&E), AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, BET Networks, Bloomberg Television, BravoTV (Bravo), CNBC, CNN International Edition.

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Pluto TV Supported Devices

You can watch Pluto TV on any of the following devices:

  • Apple iPhones & iPads
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV,
  • Android phones and tablets (running OS version Lollipop or later)
  • Windows smartphones
  • Amazon Fire Tablets & Firestick
  • Roku players and TVs
  • Google Chromecast Ultra streaming player
  • Sony PlayStation Consoles.

We hope that this guide is helpful and that you will be able to activate Pluto TV. You can read more guides here. Don’t forget to read them out! 

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