How to Use Uber?

Uber – the on-demand rideshare service that took the world by storm – is now a household name. In this article, we will discuss how to use Uber.

It’s almost impossible to walk around any city without seeing an Uber ride. Distinctive stickers and illuminated signs make vehicles easy to identify. Despite its popularity, you still may not have tried Uber yourself.

You may have heard of Uber, but do you understand how the service works, how to book a ride on Uber, and what driving options you have? This article will cover all these topics and then some. You know exactly what to expect when you bid for your first trip.

What is Uber?

Uber is a top-rated riding-sharing app. Uber is undoubtedly committed to continued growth. No matter how convenient it is (the Uber app here), some people don’t know (or are confused about certain things) when using the app.

Want to learn more about using the Uber app? Fear not; We have your back! We have mentioned all the essential things you want to know about the Uber app and services in this article.

How to Use Uber Credit?

You receive Uber credits in various ways, including by referring people to the service with your referral code available in the app or entering a unique promotional code from Uber.

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To enter a promotional code, go to the main menu in the Uber app, select “Payments,” scroll down to “Promotions,” and press “Add promotional code/gift code.” Then enter the code. Promotional codes are automatically applied on the next valid trip.

To check the credit in your account, select “Payments” from the app menu and tap “Uber Credit.” Credits are automatically added on your next trip, while the balance is debited with your standard debit card.

Can You Order An Uber in Advance?

You can pre-order an Uber car through the app’s Scheduled Rides mode. At the beginning of the 15-minute window you specify, Uber automatically orders a car for the location you specify.

To use this feature:

  • Open the app and click on the car icon with the clock.
  • Choose a date and time, enter your pickup and drop-off locations, and review Uber’s rating.
  • Tap “Schedule” and wait for your trip if you agree on the price.

According to Uber, there is a chance that you will not be matched with a driver for your planned trip. You will receive a message when this happens. You cannot plan airport departures, however, you can use this feature for airport trips.

How to Use Uber?

Here is a complete guide on How to use Uber in 2022. Read the complete article to know more about how to use Uber.

How to Book a Cab in Uber App?

1. Download the App

Follow these steps to download the Uber app on your device.

  • Go to the play store
  • type uber in the search panel
  • Find the Uber app (look for its logo)
  • Click the “Install” button (If you have already installed it, it will show two options, “Uninstall” and “Open”)
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2. Launch the app

Follow these steps to launch the Uber app.

  • Find the Uber icon on your phone.
  • Please turn on your GPS so it can record your location
  • Enter your pickup address if the auto-track location is incorrect
  • Enter your delivery address
  • That’s all!

3. Choose the Type of Ride

Follow these steps to choose a ride type in the Uber app.

  • Uber offers a variety of rides, with UberPOOL and UberGO being the most common.
  • The simple rule is that book a pool if you’re traveling alone or with a friend. The other will share the taxi with you in this facility, and the price will be less.
  • If you are in a group of 4, book a GOcab. It becomes yours completely, and you do not need to share it with others.
  • Some customers also get UseBpass, especially those with zero cancellation fees.
  • UberX and UberXL are usually planned far in advance, so we omit those parts.

4. Confirm Booking

Follow these steps to confirm your reservation on Uber.

  • Make sure the feature you choose is active. For example, the button should read “Request UberPOOL” if you order a pool cab and “Request UberGO” if you booked a GOcab.
  • If you book a pool cab, it will ask you to confirm the number of seats. 1 or 2?
  • If it is GOcab, it is giving you four options. 1,2,3 or 4?
  • Once the number of locations is confirmed, you will be asked to confirm your pickup address. If it doesn’t point to the correct location, you can adjust it on the map.
  • When you click “Confirm Pickup,” it will start looking for your turn. Wait for a while and it will show the name and picture of your driver along with the number of the cab.
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5. Cancelling a Cab

Follow these steps to cancel your booking with Uber.

  • Sometimes, after you’ve booked a taxi, you find out that the address you entered was wrong or you don’t want to leave anymore. In that case, you will have to cancel your Uber booking.
  • If you cancel your booking, you will either be partially charged or charged a cancellation fee on your next Uber trip.

6. Rate your service

Follow these steps to rate your service on Uber.

Once your ride is complete, you’ll be asked to rate the experience the next time you launch the Uber app. Always give reviews. It helps in developing the service.

7. Adding Saved Places

Follow these steps to add your saved places on Uber.

  • If you visit the site frequently, save it using “Add to my saved places”. Please give it a real name so you can recognize it next time.
  • You will see the option the next time you enter your drop-off address.

This is a brief description of how to book your Uber. There are many more options in the application where you can use promotional codes/coupons, ask for help, log in to the app on your device, and we hope that you will enjoy all these features once you are familiar with the app.


Statista estimates that approximately 110 million people actively used Uber each month in 2019. Industry observers are enthusiastic enough to wonder why so many people choose Uber. We hope you enjoy our guide on how to use Uber in 2022. Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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