How to Get Dark Mode on Snapchat?

Everyone loves using new apps, gaming apps, mobile software, or social media sites. The swift launch of the dark mode in numerous websites, apps, and smart devices has also prompted Snapchat to launch a Dark Mode. It’s normal for us to experience eye strain when using phones at night. The intense blue light that screens emit can cause problems to sleep and can cause headaches. Today, we’ll explain how to get dark mode on Snapchat for Android and iOS users.

At present, Snapchat Dark Mode is accessible to all users. If you’re interested in knowing how to turn on the dark mode of Snapchat, follow this article as a guideline to begin the process.

What exactly is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a mode where the colours of the app changes to a dark landscape. It’s a display setting that allows you to use your smartphone or other smart devices at night without adding any strain on your eyes. 

The mode is now accessible on various mobile applications. The setting allows users to use their phone or any other smart device throughout the night without causing harm to their eyes. The strain on your eyes can make it difficult to fall asleep or result in other serious issues. The dark mode is a great way to reduce eye strain and extend battery time, which will fit perfectly into your daily schedule.

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How to get Dark Mode on Snapchat for Android?

Snapchat promised Dark Mode for Android; however, they have discovered an issue in the end, and it’s not yet available in a formal manner.

Snapchat has rolled out dark mode for iOS. However, Snapchat for Android might not support Dark Mode officially, but if you do not want to wait, you can try using the following methods to get dark mode on Snapchat. You can root your Android phones to access Dark Mode or use a third-party app for Snapchat to allow the app to function in Night Mode.

Procedure to enable Dark Mode in Android Devices

The procedure involves activating developer mode and then using settings that “force” Dark Mode on Snapchat.

Step1. Swipe down and select the “Gear” (Settings) Icon located in the upper right.

Step 2. There is the option to switch in

the Display & Brightness section for devices like Huawei. As described below, you have to follow the additional steps for devices like Samsung or OnePlus.

Step 3. After turning on Dark Mode, go back to the Settings menu and scroll down to the “About Phone” section.

Step 4. Go back into “Settings”, then scroll to the

bottom to select “About the Phone.”

Step 5. Select “Software Information.” under the

Software Information submenu.

Step 6. Find “Build number” and repeatedly tap the

button six times. After three clicks, you will be notified with an “almost there” alert about developer mode. After that, you’ll have to enter your password/code to enable developer mode.

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Step 7. Go back to “Settings” and choose

“Developer Options” that you just activated.

Step 8. Scroll down to change the setting for Force Dark Mode to

On, you will see that Snapchat is running in a dark mode right now. After these settings, the app allows you to access the dark mode that is still a work in progress for Android Snapchat. 

How to enable Dark Mode by Rooting your Android Device?

Substratum is an alternative method that enables you to use the dark mode of your Android Snapchat. But, to utilize Substratum, you must root the Android Device, and then you can use the Substratum application to turn on dark mode in the Snapchat App.

How do you Enable Dark Mode without Rooting Android devices?

There’s another Android app called Blue Light Filter; this application doesn’t add Dark Mode to Snapchat. However, it allows you to alter the hard lights that your phone’s display emits. It’s a non-invasive alternative app requiring a rooted Android device. Instead of switching screens, the blue light filter functions as a shield over the screen, blocking the harmful blue light.

How do I enable the dark-mode feature on Snapchat for iPhone?

Snapchat introduced a brand fresh “App Appearance.” The section in the app settings included three options: Match System, Always.

Light and Always Dark will change the app theme to match the iOS system. A user can officially do it through the following method.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app on iOS and tap the profile picture in the upper left corner.

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Step 2: Then, click on the gear icon located in the upper right corner, and then choose the app’s settings


Step 3. Then scroll down to App Appearance.

Step 4. Tap the Verify button, then click to turn on Always Dark.

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Wrap Up

The article focuses on enabling dark mode for Snapchat and includes all the information needed regarding Snapchat for iOS and Android devices. Additionally, it shows how to get dark mode on Snapchat. Do take care of your health by turning on these light filters to reduce eye strain at night.