How to Cancel Uber Eats Order?

Uber eats is one of the best online food ordering companies which connects restaurants with customers. Sometimes it happens that customers accidentally place an order or want to cancel the order of uber eats by changing their minds. In this case, if you don’t know how to cancel the order in Uber eats you’re unable to cancel your order.

How to cancel an UberEats Order?

The interface of Uber is easy to understand and customers can easily cancel their order after the completion of a few steps. So, follow the steps which are listed below to know the procedure how to cancel uber eats order.

  • Firstly, open the official application of Uber Eats. Make your login by entering your email and password. Make sure that your password and email should be correct.
  • Once you log in and want to cancel your order then see the bottom options available on the home page.
  • Pick the 3rd option which looks like a purchase receipt. Click on it. This option shows all your order details and payment amount.
  • Find the order which you want to cancel and click on it. The current status of your order will also be shown on the page.

Note:- Make sure that you’re able to cancel the order until you get notified with the message “Confirming your order with the restaurant”. If your order gets confirmed then you can cancel your order.

  • Tap the order and a new page will open on your screen. Scroll down and you’ll get an option of “Cancel order“. Tap on this option and confirm it.
  • Once you confirm it then you’ll get a message that your order is cancelled.
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Note:- If your order gets confirmed and you want to take payment for your order then it is a fraud. You have to pay the company and if you don’t take the order at the time then you also have to pay the price of the order in your next order.

Final words

If you want to cancel your order then cancel it before it gets confirmed. We hope that this data will help you to know the cancellation process of Uber Eats.

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